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Miss Teen Alabama International™
Gabriela Lopez - Miss Teen International® 2008
Miss Teen Alaska International™
Stacey Chiu - Top Ten Finalist
Miss Teen Arizona International™
Stephanie Schwarz

Miss Teen Arkansas International™
Paige Jeffrey
Miss Teen California International™
Breia Boswell - 3rd Runner-Up
Miss Teen Colorado International™
Ashley Haynes

Miss Teen Connecticut International™
Chelsea Cabral-Beliveau
Miss Teen District of Columbia International™
Ashley Fleming
Miss Teen England International™
Amy Jackson - Congeniality Award

Miss Teen Florida International™
Jessica Huntington
Miss Teen Georgia International™
Brina Potvin - 2nd Runner-Up
Miss Teen Idaho International™
Kyler Healey

Miss Teen Illinois International™
Riley Wharton
Miss Teen India International™
Koyal Rana
Miss Teen Iowa International™
Alexandria Schuchert

Miss Teen Louisiana International™
Madison Pullen
Miss Teen Maine International™
Michelle Smith
Miss Teen Mariana Islands International™
Ariel Cherie St. Clair

Miss Teen Maryland International™
Brittany Sullivan - Top Ten Finalist
Miss Teen Massachusetts International™
Lindsey Fernandes
Miss Teen Michigan International™
Hilary Alcala - Top Ten Finalist

Miss Teen Minnesota International™
Megan Herickhoff - 4th Runner-Up
Miss Teen Mississippi International™
Mariah Vaiciunas
Miss Teen Missouri International™
Katie Boyer - Top Ten Finalist

Miss Teen Nevada International™
Kelli Kravetz
Miss Teen New Jersey International™
Christina Kaufman
Miss Teen New York International™
Heather Mackey

Miss Teen North Carolina International™
Maria Dimopoulos
Miss Teen North Dakota International™
Anna Kozlowski
Miss Teen Ohio International™
Lisa Iwasaki

Miss Teen Oklahoma International™
Brooke Harris
Miss Teen Pennsylvania International™
Kathryn McDonnell - 1st Runer-Up
Miss Teen Rhode Island International™
Arianna Buonanno

Miss Teen South Carolina International™
Christy Green
Miss Teen South Dakota International™
Emily Moon
Miss Teen Tennessee International™
Kaylee Prather

Miss Teen Texas International™
Hilary Elizondo
Miss Teen Utah International™
Courtney Jensen
Miss Teen Vermont International™
Jeanelle Achee

Miss Teen Virginia International™
Sarah Smoot - Congeniality Award
Miss Teen Washington International™
Brielle Erickson - Top Ten Finalist - On-Line Winner
Miss Teen West Virginia International™
Meghan Daniels

Miss Teen Wisconsin International™
Malaurie Gray

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