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Miss Teen Alaska International™
Amy Gentry
Miss Teen Arizona International™
Garin Harris - Miss Teen International 2016
Miss Teen Arkansas International™
Jessica Johnson - Top Ten

Miss Teen Australia International™
Georgia Brice
Miss Teen Bahamas International™
Ariannah Wells-Bain
Miss Teen California International™
Alex Wilkins - 2nd Runner-Up

Miss Teen Connecticut International™
Gabrielle Dunn
Miss Teen Florida International™
Jaclyn Weber - 4th Runner-Up
Miss Teen Georgia International™
Hannah Hutchinson

Miss Teen Haiti International™
Rebecca Zama
Miss Teen Hawaii International™
Anuhea Keene
Miss Teen Idaho International™
Madisyn Payne - Top Ten

Miss Teen Illinois International™
Lindsey Pearlman - 1st Runner-Up
Miss Teen Maryland International™
Gianna Giovinazzo
Miss Teen Mexico International™
Karina Mendez

Miss Teen Minnesota International™
Kelly Brown
Miss Teen New Jersey International™
Courtney Rone
Miss Teen New Mexico International™
Brighton Turner

Miss Teen New York International™
Katarina Wronka
Miss Teen North Carolina International™
Hailey Hudson
Miss Teen North Dakota International™
Meghanne Quam - Top Ten

Miss Teen Ohio International™
Abigail Davis - People's Choice Winner
Miss Teen Pennsylvania International™
Madison Kunst - Top Ten
Miss Teen Philippines International™
Reissha Nicole V. Magadia

Miss Teen South Carolina International™
Grace Cromer
Miss Teen South Dakota International™
Jaclynn Knutson
Miss Teen Tennessee International™
Kloye Peters - Top Ten

Miss Teen Texas International™
Gracie Hunt - 3rd Runner-Up
Miss Teen Utah International™
Ansley Funes
Miss Teen Virginia International™
Katie Fox

Miss Teen Washington International™
Abigail Hill - Photogenic Winner
Miss Teen West Virginia International™
Beth Zirkle
Miss Teen Wisconsin International™
Melany Brieno

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