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Miss Teen Alabama International™
Mallory Clark - Top Ten
Miss Teen Alaska International™
Courtney Davison
Miss Teen Arkansas International™
Ashley Wooten - 1st Runner Up

Miss Teen California International™
Rachel Brady - 2nd Runner Up
Miss Teen Canada International™
Tara Kasik
Miss Teen Colorado International™
Megan Gleason

Miss Teen Connecticut International™
Jennifer Brooks
Miss Teen England International™
Rachel Stewart
Miss Teen Florida International™
Amanda Mason

Miss Teen Georgia International™
Jensen Hart - Top Ten
Miss Teen Hawaii International™
Skye Kaupiko
Miss Teen Illinois International™
Brittany Ferrin

Miss Teen Indiana International™
Alyssa Milenbaugh
Miss Teen Kentucky International™
Dannyielle Blanchard
Miss Teen Maine International™
Ashley Herron

Miss Teen Mariana Islands International™
Myana Welch
Miss Teen Maryland International™
Jade Kenny - Miss Teen International® 2006
Miss Teen Massachusetts International™
Heather Erickson

Miss Teen Mexico International™
Lauren Boldon
Miss Teen Michigan International™
Kristen Kwasnik
Miss Teen Minnesota International™
Megan Ehlert - 3rd Runner Up

Miss Teen Mississippi International™
Amanda Brooks
Miss Teen Montana International™
Kelsey Tabacco
Miss Teen Nebraska International™
Britanny Orsborn

Miss Teen Nevada International™
Lauren Hudman
Miss Teen New York International™
Shonda Griffin
Miss Teen North Carolina International™
Ashley Hodges

Miss Teen North Dakota International™
Sarah Whartnaby - Top Ten
Miss Teen Ohio International™
Amiee Moser - 4th Runner Up
Miss Teen Pennsylvania International™
Jenna Knopsnyder

Miss Teen Puerto Rico International™
Natalia Riviera
Miss Teen Rhode Island International™
Molly Jacobson
Miss Teen South Carolina International™
Kaliegh Hill

Miss Teen Texas International™
Michelle Jones
Miss Teen Utah International™
Keyara Adamson - Top Ten
Miss Teen Virginia International™
Brittany Goodwyn - Top Ten

Miss Teen Wisconsin International™
Samantha Powers

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